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Haigh Hall Live takes a year off in 2012.

10 February 2012



Wigan’s Haigh Hall Live and Haigh Festival will be postponed for a year it was announced today. The music weekend had been scheduled to take place at Haigh Country Park as usual but the dates organised clashed with The Stone Roses reunion gig at Heaton Park. Given the scale of these concerts and the proximity to Wigan it has been decided that producing a competing event in Wigan on those dates was not viable. Both event management firm Cuffe and Taylor - who organise Haigh Hall Live - and Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust who manage Haigh estate and organise Haigh Fest - the annual festival for unsigned bands in Wigan and Leigh - have been working hard to find alternative dates but given the number of events already booked in at Haigh a suitable alternative has not been found.  


In a joint statement both companies said: “We are totally committed to continuing this partnership and are already discussing proposals for 2013 but given The Stone Roses concerts scale and proximity to the Haigh events we could not commit this year. “We have looked at alternative dates but none of the suggestions are compatible with both parties.” Last year’s Haigh Hall Live concerts including The Courteeners and the Peter Andre attracted more than 15,000 people to the country park. Haigh Fest which took place on the back of the Haigh Live event, using the same stage, infrastructure and related equipment was also a great success attracting over 8,000 music fans on the day.